How To Be An Eco-Warrior At Home: The…

Thomas Cunningham | August 28, 2019 | 0

Ready to become the next eco-warrior? You should find recycle bins for home use to get that inner eco-strength out.

Superheroes don’t always wear capes and a mask. Neither do they always have super strength or bullet immunity? You don’t happen to see them flying in the sky and wreaking havoc on cities. However, heroism is not just about power.

It is about saving the Earth.

We need eco-warriors

The longest-running villains of planet Earth are common rubbish and hazardous waste materials. Before you say that they mean the same thing, the truth is, they don’t. Both of them have a special place inside recycle bins for home segregation.

Some rubbish are non-biodegradable waste that is incapable of being broken down by microorganisms and will decay after millions of years. Glass and plastic bottles are great examples.

Other types of rubbish are biodegradable waste that can be broken down by microorganisms and will decay after days depending on the waste. Examples are banana peels and organic waste—anything that rots.

Knowing a difference between these two is learning the basics before you take up your eco-warrior responsibility. Now, you know that they are that big, scary, and smelly monsters living in landfills.

The villian hideout

Landfills in Australia are usually located in a hidden and isolated place kilometres away from the city. According to the 2018 National Waste Report, in Australia alone, over 67 million tonnes of waste was produced in the year 2016 to 2017—and almost only half is recycled—which leads to a bigger problem: rubbish in Australia will continue piling up on landfills and never to be touched ever again.

Even though trash is an immortal villain, you don’t have to pick the losing side too quickly without doing something. And here’s how:

How To Be An Eco-Warrior

Tip # 1 – Use recyle bins

There are recycle bins for home available on the Australian market both in physical stores and online stores, like Eco Bin. They come in different colours for different purposes.

For example, you can separate what goes to safe-keeping, to compost pits, and to recycling companies.

Tip # 2 – Place a recycling box

Recycling is no stranger to office-based or work-at-home Australians with experience of using a recycling box to sort out files and documents.

Disciplining yourself or your co-workers to save up or recycle a few papers can give you surprising benefits and organise the workplace.

Tip # 3 – Have compost bins

Dried leaves and rotting twigs need a place to decompose; that’s why having an outdoor compost bin is a must-have.

Not only you will beautify your garden, but you will also be turning the decomposing matter to fertilisers for home use.

A sustainable Aussie-made product, like Eco Polo compost bin, can also help transition your waste to compost. Most of them are made from 100% recycled materials and are durable.

Eco-warrior in the making

What do we say about superheroes? Strong, fast, brave, and mighty.

However, are they only the Earth’s best defenders? No, because you can, too! Take to heart the tips above and be an eco-warrior now! For more information, check it out at: