How to Match the Best Care Provider on the Gold Coast with an Elder’s Needs

Thomas Cunningham | December 17, 2018 | 0 | Health & Beauty

Choosing a provider of aged care homes Gold Coast wide can be difficult—especially if you’re just a few weeks away from your Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) interview.

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But why do you need to choose a provider before the assessment?

During the interview, the ACAT member will ask many questions. Most of which will be about your home situation and your ideal provider. Regarding the latter, you must search for some candidates ahead of time. This way, you’ll know what type of team member or service quality your Nana will get.

After deciding on one provider, you must bring this up during the interview. This will show you did your homework; and possibly, you might even get approved for eligibility quickly.

How do you choose the best aged care homes Gold Coast offers? Here are some tips.

  1. List down your Nana’s needs.

Cliché but crucial, list down and organise your loved one’s preferences or needs.

  • Staff Members – Do they prefer a male or female caregiver?
  • Culture/Language – Does your Nana speak a foreign language? Choose a carer who can speak the same dialect.
  • Services – What are the other programmes they can provide? Can they teach art, do a little gardening, or give good massages?
  • Activities – Your loved one might need to socialise occasionally. If she’s a little shy but wants to go out, make sure to note this, too.
  1. Figure out how much care is needed.

If you prefer home aged care Sanctuary Manors providers offer, figure out the degree of availability and consistency you want from a carer.

Do you want someone available 24/7? Do you want them around Mondays to Fridays? Do you prefer them to be on-call only? Once you’ve clarified those, you can start looking for a provider. Do this first, so you won’t be undecided on the assessment day. See more at Arcare

If you get the wrong care package, it might not cater to her crucial requirements.

  1. Get to know nearby providers.

Location is important. Generally, care providers also conduct home interviews. But remember to choose a nearby provider of residential care Sanctuary Manors wide.

You can also visit the facility unannounced to know how they run things. Observe how the team members treat their residents. Do they patronise them? Do they give them proper attention? Are they friendly?

Even though you’re getting home care, you won’t always be there to keep watch. It’s worth reassuring your aged parent is in good hands.

  1. Are you okay with it?

Since you’ll be living with a new person, make sure you’re open for changes. You have to start getting used to having someone around, other than your family.

Also, don’t set high expectations. Once you get approved, always refer to the ACAT assessment results for the care plan overview. Sometimes, you might be demanding beyond what a carer in a permanent care Sanctuary Manors facility is tasked to do.

Choose the Best Aged Care Homes Gold Coast Has

Now that you know those tips, take note: don’t just settle on any care provider. Give your Nana the best care experience there is—even if it’s just in your own home.

Take Arcare’s award-winning range of programmes, for instance. Arcare offers a premium set of aged care services, from home care to respite care. Visit Arcare today to request a home care assessment!

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